Smile and discover the CEO Whisperer’s favourite quote…

Give us a big smile!! Research from 2010 out of Wayne State University that examined pre-1950s major league baseball cards found that the span of a player’s smile could predict his life span.

Welcome to The 5-Minute Recharge, the newsletter with 1 quote, 3 ideas and a 5-minute challenge to charge up your wellness.


“Everybody struggles. Everybody is trying to figure it out. Everybody occasionally feels lost. Everybody has had a bad night. Everybody fights with a loved one. Everybody worries. And these facts don’t make us broken as people. They make us human. And in that humanity we get to be connected.”
~ Jerry Colonna (CEO whisperer and author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up)

Read on to discover Jerry’s favourite quote…



  • WELLNESS IN STILLNESS. The Greeks called it euthymia–literally, “a well soul,”–and the ancient Indian text the Bhagavad Gita calls it samatvan, “an evenness of mind–a peace that is ever the same.” In English, stillness is the word we use to describe a sense of quiet steadiness that is available to all of us, even in the midst of a chaotic world. Author Ryan Holiday calls stillness one of the most powerful forces on earth that makes room for gratitude, inspiration, and happiness. The bigger your dreams, the more you need stillness, but how do you find it? Holiday has 38 exercises based on the wisdom of the ancient world to help you find the quiet still place within.

“I try to have at least an hour a day of absolute silence. Just an hour for me to think my thoughts.”
~ Malcolm Gladwell shares a favourite stillness tip with Gretchen Rubin

  • DEEP THINKING AND DEEP SLEEP. Research reported in Harvard Business Review confirms what we all intuitively know to be true: we aren’t firing on all cerebral cylinders when we don’t get enough sleep. Deep thinking and a sleepy mind aren’t good bedfellows. Research suggests that when we’re tired we tend to think shallow thoughts and aren’t very adept at spotting good ideas. Entrepreneurs who buy into a hero’s narrative may be particularly prone to shortchanging their sleep, but if they knew such behaviour could harm their business perhaps “If you don’tsnooze, you lose,” could become an entrepreneurial mantra.

“I have realized that unless I have my full night’s sleep, I am not able to be at my full performance.”
David Brown, Founder and co-CEO Techstars who gets on average nine hours of sleep

“Sometimes I get so absorbed in my work I just don’t want to let go. But when it comes time to meet my trainer, I drop everything.”
Ruth Bader Ginsberg aka RBG


 “Paper has more patience than people.”
― Anne Frank

Your 5-Minute challenge comes to us from CEO whisperer Jerry Colonna who invites us to sit for five minutes (or more) with a blank page and begin writing with the following prompt:

Right now, I’m feeling…

Colonna refers to this prompt a kind of “’How are you?’ to myself.” A trick he uses with his coaching clients is to ask them, “How are you? No really. How are you? How are you really feeling?” (Colonna has a reputation for making his clients cry.)

The CEO whisperer’s favourite quote that we hope entices you to take on our 5-Minute Recharge Challenge comes from Carl Jung who once said…

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”