Disco dancing coaches, the best exercise for your brain and magic moments


“I’m not ashamed to say I’m mentally ill, but that doesn’t mean mentally weak.” 

–New York Islanders goalie Robin Lehner delivers a memorable message as he accepts the Bill Masterton Trophy given to the NHL player who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to the game


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1.Wednesday evening Addie and Lynne brought The 5-Minute Recharge to life in a presentation to the enthusiastic Toronto chapter of the International Coaches Federation. These spirited coaches didn’t need any coaxing to get up and dance to Gloria Gaynor’s immortal “I Will Survive…”

2. “I always tell people, the best exercise that you can do is dance.”
–Dr. John Ratey

In an illuminating Quartz interview, Dr. John Ratey, our favourite exercise evangelist, tells us why dance is good for the brain, shares his favourite cardiovascular exercises and describes his idea of a perfect vacation.

3. Dr. Ratey’s perfect vacation involves waking up at 6am to climb a mountain for 2 or 3 hours, but for the rest of us, a workout first thing in the morning while on holidays can feel overwhelming. Here’s a simple “small win” strategy: check out the hotel gym.

4. Be open to the invitation to recharge and replenish this summer. Fallow timeis when you rest mind and body so that your life can grow.

5. Decision making is the steering wheel of our lives and some of us are driving erratically. Maybe it’s a good idea (or not) to become better at making decisions. You decide.

6. Finally, thanks to research, we now have an answer to the nature prescription question: how much nature is enough? The answer to the question “How much work do we need for our mental health?” may surprise you.

7. Here’s an easy three-step process to create a personal resilience plan.

8. Darwin’s theory is associated with the phrase “survival of the fittest,” but he truly believed the greatest human power was sympathy. Let’s rephrase Darwin and celebrate survival of the give-est.”

9. An Amazon delivery guy shows us exactly how we can stop and savour, even in the middle of a busy day.

10.“Keep yourself in good shape if you can. Have many passions. And look for magic moments. That is something that I have done in my life–think of the things that are magic moments that happen to you, like sunsets and sunrises, rainbows, beautiful birds, music and people’s lovely comments to you.”
–103-year-old track star Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins shares some beautiful advice for living well at any age.