“If you’re serious about getting your wellness house in order, this easy-to-read guide is a great way to get you started. Entertaining, informative and inspiring!”

“Five minutes to spare? Pick up this book and read a chapter. It could well change your life!”

“The bad news? We only have control over 40% of the factors that make us happy; the rest is beyond our influence. The good news? We—you, me and everyone—have control over 40% of the factors that make us happy. And that can make you happier. I’m not sure which combination of tactics here that will work best for you. For me it’s ‘Work Like da Vinci’, ‘Breathe Like a SEAL’ and definitely ‘What Would George Clooney Do?’. But take my advice: read this short, practical book, pick your tactic combo and go to work shaping a happier life.”

“Thorough, thoughtful, practical and wise. I love The 5-Minute Recharge, and plan to incorporate as many of these empowering, refreshing tactics into my own routine as I can!”

“This evidence-based, thought-provoking and action-focused book drives healthier behaviors and a recharge for ‘personal’ wellness. Using a creative format that inspires short reflections and actions, the reader learns simple things they can do daily that will enable a healthier, happier life. [This book] is for anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of themselves and what they can do to change current behaviors to improve their ‘whole’ life in simple and often ‘fun’ ways.”

“Reading this book felt like a supportive conversation with my wisest friends.”

“There is great wisdom not just in the whole book but on each and every page. There is so much to think about and so many actions one could take, even a few of which could make profound changes.”

“The pursuit of happiness is ultimately about incorporating small, intentional behaviors into our daily routines. The 5-Minute Recharge is a treasure trove of empirically supported strategies, practical advice and simple exercises that provide the building blocks of psychological health. Keep this book nearby and use it often as a jump-start for daily wellbeing.”

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5 Minutes + 1 Recharge = A small win that could change your life!

Researchers have discovered the formula for living a good life, so why is depression still the world’s leading disability and anxiety the most common mental health disorder in North America? Most people don’t know what will truly make them happy, and far too few make proven wellness practices a part of their lives.

To cope with all the stresses we encounter, we need to actively care for ourselves, which includes heeding our ancient programming that demands that we move our bodies, connect face-to-face and get enough sleep. Science has proven that you have the power, through your habitual ways of thinking and behaving, to renovate the space inside your head, making it brighter, more resilient, and a more enjoyable place to hang out.

The 5-Minute Recharge will teach you 31 proven techniques for thriving at work and in life, including:

  • the mental fitness technique that’s better than magic mushrooms
  • the best way to grow new brain cells and ensure you continue to look good in your genes as you age
  • the easily accessible trait that’s associated with the high-performance personality
  • what George Clooney can teach you about tapping into your inner wisdom
  • the Navy SEAL tactic you can use to trigger relaxation even in tense situations

Each of the 31 strategies is backed by research and includes additional resources to enrich your understanding of wellness and inspire you to care for yourself in quick, fun, life-affirming ways.

With your well-being in mind, authors and soul sisters Lynne Everatt and Addie Greco-Sanchez designed these 31 hands-on tools for creating a greater sense of having enough time, connecting with others, nourishing your body and mind, feeding positivity, and taking time for reflection. And that’s worth getting charged up about.

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